Big spender by astolat, speranza

Title:  [Vid] Big Spender (linked through AO3)
Author:  astolat, speranza
Fandom:  Person of Interest
Pairing:  Reese/Finch
Rating:  PG-13
Warnings: None
Genre: Romance
Word Count:  Vid!


The minute you walked in the joint…

Why You Should Read This:

I’m not always a big vid watching person but this one… although I appreciate the work and skill that goes into making the best vids… this is one of them!

Astolat and Speranza do a bang-up job of pulling caps from POI to the song “Big Spender”… it’s spot on to the song and the show… the tags say ‘hooker au’ but, really, in my POV, this is what’s going on anyway!



  1. Omg. That’s brilliant!

  2. This made me giggle – thank you for reccing it!

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