The Art of Our Necessities by dcfg21

Title: The Art of Our Necessities 
Author: dcfg21
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: slight forced bonding
Genre: AU, Vampire Harry, Romance, Angst, Suicidal thinking
Word Count: 54282

After being Turned by a vampire, Harry descends into reckless and dangerous behavior. The Ministry and the Vampire Council devise a way to keep the former Savior on a leash, and his fangs to himself, by forcing him to take a Consort.

Why You Should Read This:
I found this yesterday when wanting to indulge in my crave for Harry/Draco loving. I enjoy the writer’s characterisation of Draco and his journey from a ‘get out of prison’ consort to an equal partner in a relationship. Plus the sex is hot and Harry is a vampire; it was winning my attention from the start.

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