Apostrophes (Punctuation Series) by dogpoet

Title: Apostrophes (Punctuation Series)
Author: dogpoet
Fandom: Inspector Lewis
Pairing(s): Robert Lewis/James Hathaway
Rating: General but moves to Mature in the series
Warnings: Mention of child abuse and suicide
Genre: Romance, AU, Detective, Crime, Angst, First Time, Age Difference, Families
Word Count: 1049


He’d never even noticed apostrophes before he met Hathaway.

Spoilers for Lewis, episode 5.02, Wild Justice

Why You Should Read This:
Let me be honest. I don’t get the Lewis/Hathaway pairing since I don’t see the chemistry in the tv show. However, this does not matter when reading the Punctuation series because it is beautiful; from the beginning to end, the journey that the writer takes you is sublime, sweet and soulful. It is a must read. A writer to watch in fandom.

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