The LCIS Series by elyssblair

Title:  The LCIS Series: 66 Pounds of Pressure  and The Tameness of a Wolf
Author: elyssblair
Fandom:  AU NCIS and Numb3rs
Pairing:  Gibbs/Dinozzo, Tim/OC, Charlie Epps/Ian Edgerton
Rating: Mature
Warnings:  Canon-level violence
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Shifters, Agnst
Word Count: 48,908  and 29,075, respectively


In a world where wolf-shifters are

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Taming Of The Sniper by Squeakerblue, thothkristen

Title: Taming Of The Sniper
Author: Squeakerblue & thothkristen
Fandom: Numb3rs/Sentinel fusion
Pairing(s):  Charlie Epps/Ian Edgerton, Blair Sandburg/Jim Ellison
Rating: R/Mature
Warnings: AU, Fusion with the Sentinel, ‘Shifters

Genre: AU, Sentinel Fusion, Sentinel/Guide Bonding,

Word Count: 42,732

Summary: Ian Edgerton, one of the

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