Switching Lives by Leeni-chan

Title: Switching Lives
Author: Leeni-chan
Fandom: Gundam Wing/Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Duo/Heero

Rating: PG
Word Count: 77,700 words
Genre: Romance, Cross-over, Action/Adventure

Harry Potter. Heero Yuy. A world apart, but a lot closer then you might think.

Why You Should Read This:
Because it’s so unlikely as to be bloody fantastic. I laugh a lot when reading this. All for good reasons. It’s an old favourite that I return to at least every 6 months to read. And it never gets old.

One Comment:

  1. I liked this fic, There wasn’t a TON of Harry/Duo/Heero, it was more like….slightly mentioned here and there other than Heero and Duo sleeping in the same bed. But I did like it. Thanks for the Rec.

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