Stranger Things Have Happened by acidpop25

Title:  Stranger Things Have Happened
Author:  acidpop25
Fandom:  Hawaii Five-0
Pairing:  Steve/Danny
Rating:  R
Genre:  AU, Supernatural, First Time
Warnings:  AU, superpowers
Word Count:  4,444

Summary: Danny has always been prone to déja vu, for as far back as he can remember. Stupid, insignificant things, mostly, feeling like he’d already eaten a meal when he knew he hadn’t or thinking he recognized a new place. He’d never really given it much thought; you get used to your brain’s little quirks, Danny always figured.

Why you should read this:
When Danny starts having strange dreams that come true or gets weird spells of intuition that ends up saving his team he thinks he might be going crazy. Finally after too little sleep and far too much coffee he confides in Steve and finds out that things like this happen to islanders with alarming regularity.

Lovely first time fic with a supernatural twist. Not terribly long but a great read.

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