Stranded by ceefax_the_sane

Title:  Stranded
Author: ceefax_the_sane
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/OC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Very explicit sex, tentacle sex
Genre: Alien Porn
Word Count: About 9,000


It’s Ianto’s first time. For a threesome with Jack and an alien, that is.

Why You Should Read This:

Not long ago, someone commenting on a blog made a snide remark about “fetish” stories involving tentacles in fan fiction.  As I reproached him for being so narrow-minded, I was thinking of this story.

Jack and Ianto find themselves stranded in the 38th century on a planet where humans are few and far between.  Both have to work to make the money they need to fix up a spacecraft so they can try to get home, Ianto in an office, Jack as a performer in a night club. They take Ianto’s friend from work (a “giant-elongated-sea-urchin-like person”) home with them on a Friday night.  An alien threesome ensues.

The overall feel is lighthearted, the sex is very explicit and I enjoyed this very much.  I especially loved the part where Jack uses his expertise to explain erogenous zones and safely issues to both the alien and to Ianto.

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