Still-Heart by Sleeps With Coyotes

Title: Still-Heart
Author: Ladonna King aka Sleeps With Coyotes aka Ciceqi
Fandom: The Highlander
Pairing: Methos/Duncan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 30-50K ?
Genres:  Action/Adventure, Angst, Dark, First Time, Future Fic, Hurt/Comfort, Paranormal, Romance
Warnings: Flashback scenes of extreme torture that runs very close to vore. Sexual situations. Language.

Summary: When the memory isn’t the only thing that returns from Methos’ past,it may not be enough to keep those he cares about alive.

Why You Should Read This: It is set a few months after the finale and leads from that into a gentle blossoming of a relationship that is built on love they already feel. The relationship is set in a plot line that reaches back from before Methos took his first head and delves into his life before his first death and why he doesn’t remember it. It’s also heavy into Egyptian mythology which is fascinating. And of course there is the normal peril that comes along with a highlander episode.

What You Should Know Before Reading: The flashback scenes of violence/torture/borderline vore are squicky but over quickly but please do not read if you have a sensitive stomach.

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