Running from Destiny by taibhrigh

Title: Running from Destiny
Author: taibhrigh
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick/The Sentinel fusion (no cast from The Sentinel)
Pairing: Riddick/Vaako, Eve/Kyra, Johns/Fry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 36039
Genres: First Time, Drama, Action/Adventure, AU, Fusion
Warnings: Violence (Riddick… need I say more?), slavery (of non main characters; this is most definitely not slave!fic)

Summary: Riddick had been on the run since he was sixteen. Running from the ghosts of his parents whose deaths he couldn’t handle, from his planet, from his future as an Alpha Guardian, and more importantly, running from himself. He had thought he was doing good, keeping ahead of the mercs after him for a crime he had not actually committed. Then he received news that Furya had been attacked and his life is changed forever. While hunting for the stolen Furyan children he runs into both his future and Vaako, a man who is also running from himself and destined to be Riddick’s Guide.

Why You Should Read ThisBecause Riddick as a Sentinel (or Guardianas they are called in this fic) works very well and  Vaako is just as good as a Guide. The plot is very well thought out and manages to give a great history for Sentinels and Guides in this Universe. The sex is sizzling. Need I say more?

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