Observations by jAnon

Title: Observations
Author: anon-j-anon
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Genre: Action/Adventure, romance, hurt/comfort, first time, drama, angst
Word Count: ~400,000+

Summary: First Officer Spock comments on life aboard the Enterprise and his service under Captain James T. Kirk.

Why You Should Read This:
This is the Enterprises’ five year mission told through the reboot characters. It’s first person Spock point of view, but don’t be scared off. This fic is extremely long, but the progression of Kirk and Spock’s relationship is fantastic – gradual, from the movie ‘verse strained relationship, to friendship, to more. It’s fascinating to read TOS experiences told through the reboot characters, and the author does a fantastic job of nailing down Spock’s characterization, and through his eyes, a great job on everyone else’s characterizations.

Keira Marcos

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