How High the Moon by kyliselle

Title: How High the Moon
Author: kyliselle
Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Genre: Angst, First Time, Romance
Warnings: None
Length: 38,500

After the destruction of Vulcan, Spock shielded his mind to protect it from his broken bond with T’Pring. Little did he know another bond had already formed in its place.

Why You Should Read This:
It made me cry which is in itself something to seriously consider because while movies can sometimes rip my heart out — the written word rarely gets me that worked up. I can take breaks and walk away from a story (normally) but I’ve read this one three times and I tear up every time. Jim’s pain is physical and visceral –it’s as much a character is any other in the story. McCoy is charming and protective in this fic and Sulu and Chekov form a “cabal of ire” for Spock that amuses despite the situation.

Keira Marcos

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  1. I love, love, love this story! It’s one of my favorites in the K/S fandom and it makes me tear up every time.

  2. I haven’t had time to read this yet, but have set it up on my Kindle. I really appreciate you taking the time to make recs as I have found yours to be very reliable. Just wanted to say thanks,


  3. OMG… I read whenever I need a good angst.

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