Lord knows it would be the first time

Title:  Lord knows it would be the first time
Author:  urania
Fandom:  Teen Wolf
Pairing:  Stiles/Derek
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings: angst;
Genre: kid!fic, misunderstandings;
Word Count:  12.287


Stiles is home from Berkeley for the summer, but only because he promised the pack. He’d rather not see Derek, because whatever the thing was that they were doing, they’re not doing it anymore, and it sucks.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice. The betas tried a magical remedy for Derek’s melancholy, and now Stiles has a three-year-old who looks like Derek. Stiles doesn’t know how to deal with that, and he definitely doesn’t know how to tell the betas he and Derek were secret fuck buddies for a year and a half.

Why You Should Read This:

Pining boys are pining and neither Derek nor Stiles use their words when they’re sleeping together. Without those words, Stiles goes off to college and leaves Derek behind.

Until 3 year old Tori comes into their lives. Tori who calls Stiles “Daddy”, Derek  is “Alpha” and the Sheriff is “Grandpa.”

But Tori comes from magic and magic is going to take her away – at the next full moon. In the meantime, Stiles and Derek learn something about being family and having to man up and actually talk about feelings.

But trust in the story, the ending is unexpected and perfectly done.


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