Fences, and the Sides Thereof by fencer_x

Title: Fences, and the Sides Thereof
Fandom: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
Pairing: Takano Masamune/Onodera Ritsu
Rating: Mature
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, a few angst moments
Word Count: 57,893 and counting
Warnings: Explicit sexual situations, some language, AU from first episode

Summary: Semi-AU in which Ritsu decides to stick it out at Onodera Publishing rather than transfer to Marukawa Shoten. If he’d never gone over to Marukawa, would Ritsu have been doomed to pine after “Saga-sempai” forever?

Why You Should Read This: One of the things that I love about this pairing is that they are actually canon.  I have always wondered what would have happened if Ritsu didn’t join Marukawa Shoten and then I found this.  fencer_x has written this series so well and I find that they have stayed true to the characters  while writing a story that goes AU.  Ritsu and Masamune have a real relationship with all the ups and downs that it entails.

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