Djibouti by Fox and Caroline Baker

Title: Djibouti
Author: Fox and Caroline Baker
Fandom: Sports Night
Pairing(s): Dan Rydell/Casey McCall
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None
Genres: First Time, Humor
Word Count: ~6,200

Summary: It’s Dan’s 30th birthday, and he keeps trying to deny it, and talks about moving to Djibouti. Then there’s birthday cake at the office, drinks at Danny’s apartment, and some confessions.

Why You Should Read This: There’s a playfulness in this fic that comes through to the reader, almost like you’re there and taking part. What’s even better is the dialogue, pace, and wittiness is so similar to Aaron Sorkin’s writing that it may as well have been written by him as part of the show. But more than that, there’s an element of closeness between these two obvious work friends, and that translates so easily into lovers that it’s wonderful.


  1. Okay, see, I thought Sports Night was fricking genius. I have parts memorized. I have looked for slash because Dan and Casey. And I found some, but it tended to either not be explicit or tending toward the serious side of the show.

    This, this was brilliant. Perfect Dan and Casey. Really really hot. And funny. Hell, even Isaac was perfect and he didn’t have sex with either of them.

    Thanks for reccing it.

    • Thank you for reading it! I didn’t fall in love with Sports Night until probably 2010, and have really just loved the boys. This pairing is who got me back into writing!

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