Deal With A Devil by LadyRa

TitleDeal with a Devil
Author: LadyRa
Fandom: Supernatural and The Highlander
Pairing(s): Methos/Crowely
Rating: PG-13
Warnings:  None
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance, Cross Over, Pre-slash
Word Count: 5, 759

When Joe sells his soul to get his legs back, Methos goes after the demon that holds the contract.

Why You Should Read This:

Because Methos and Crowely are awesome and they’re hot together. The story is fluffy and romantic yet believable. This pairing just works and I wish there was more of it out there.

One Comment:

  1. *squints* this… this shouldn’t work. It’s the sort of weird crossover that leaves more questions than it answers and yet I’ve read it four times in the last week. Part of LadyRa’s charm I suspect. It’s stupidly cute and has hot kisses and the banter is well done.

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