Cheeseburgers, Tech and Steve by laglemon

Title: Cheeseburgers, Tech and Steve
Author: laglemon
Fandom: Avengers, Marvel Comics, Iron Man, Captain America
Relationship(s): Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Romance, Angst, Humor, AU, Supernatural
Warnings: Tony Stark is an incubus
Word Count: 97442

Summary: Steve’s known that there are other worlds out there; he just hasn’t paid much attention to them. Living with Bucky and helping out the Avengers is a full time job, and he doesn’t have time to daydream about things like that when he can hear about them at work. When they get called in to investigate the appearance and deaths of Incubi and Succubi civil war survivors, they find that a portal has been opened between their two worlds. Wanting to do the right thing, Steve offers to go through and talk to those in charge – only he didn’t count on getting stuck on the other side of the portal. Once he’s back on earth, though, he’s got a whole new problem on his hands. An annoyingly brilliant Incubus has followed him back and he’s left to deal with the mess all by himself.

Why You Should Read This: It is a clash of cultures with Steve from Earth and Tony an Incubus both are tentatively trying to work out a relationship with their own expectation guiding them. Of course it doesn’t go well! However it is a joy to read and funny and I love Tony’s insistence of sex. Saved on my favourite list as I’m hoping the author will continue!!

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