Black Helicopters Series by whizzy

Title:  Black Helicopters Series or (4 parts in ebook format)
Author:  whizzy
Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis AU
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating: Mature
Warnings:  Go’uld body control in the later stories.
Genre:  Action/Adventure, Pre-Slash
Word Count: 141,049 (so far)


Rodney is perfectly well aware that if he gets involved in this whole “save the downed American pilot” thing that the Air Force is going to come after him–that he will very likely be “disappeared” as a massive security risk. It’s not like he wasn’t warned.  He does it anyway.

Why You Should Read This:

This is an AU.  Rodney, having burned several bridges with the American military, has moved to the wilds of Canada, and has converted an old cable TV satellite dish into the largest amateur radio telescope in the world.  He’s going to prove there are aliens out there and that the US government is probably covering it up.

Then he accidentally hears John, who has been with the SGC for a while, trying to get rescue after his alien space ship crashes.

The various stories of the rescue and the consequences for Rodney and John  are a combination of  long plotty stories and short, sharp stories.  The plotty stories are GREAT.  The character development is even better.  This is a long, plotty tale of two men fumbling their way to loving each other.  Because neither will talk to the other (plus there is that whole DADT thing), it takes a while.

I’ve hesitated to recc these stories, even though they are some of my favorites, because the last major story in the series (so far) is not on AO3 with the earlier stories.  I’ve read it, some time ago, but it has since been moved to Google Docs and locked.  I have no idea why. People have tried contacting the author to no avail.  Which is a damned shame.

Still, each story in the series is complete in itself, and the available parts of the story are more than worth reading. You can join the rest of us waiting and hoping that more will be available.


  1. If Blackout Conditions is the last one, you can get it at Amothea’s Ebook library here: Hope that helps!

    • Thankyou – yes, that’s the missing end of the fic, and I never thought I’d read it. Made my Easter posting that link loved it!

  2. This is on my to-read list XD It’s depressing to think the final fic has been moved and locked, though 🙁 Was it complete?

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