Bang by rageprufrock

Title:   Bang
Author:  rageprufrock
Fandom:  Stargate:Atlantis
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating: Mature
Warnings:  This is not a story about domestic abuse
Genre:  Humor, Romance, Hurt/Comfort (in a uniquely Rodney style)
Word Count: 6117


Back on Earth, John and Rodney have adjustments to make, of course.  Who knew that the hardest thing for John to adjust to is  doors that don’t automatically get out of his way?

Why You Should Read This:

Okay, yes, there is nothing the least bit funny about domestic abuse and if this was a story about domestic abuse I would be as appalled as anyone that it is so freaking funny.  Funny and sweet.  Cute even.

That said, as far as I am concerned, the doctor who thinks Rodney is beating John and tries (very ineptly) to help is a big damned hero.

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