Beside Me by d_aia

Title: Beside Me
Author: d_aia
Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)
Relationship(s): Alec/Magnus
Rating: Mature
Genre: AU, Action, Drama
Word Count: 32242
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence

A portal opened between two trees, and an oddly dressed man came through. He landed on his back and, like a bug, was trying unsuccessfully to turn over. The portal winked closed immediately after.

The man was the tall sort, had a bow and arrow, a couple of blades, and a satchel. He had rune tattoos, which marked him a Shadowhunter. He was also currently writhing in pain and bleeding all over the place.

What was a Warlock to do with such a man?

Alec goes back in time. Then things get complicated but oddly sweet, and they stay that way. Ragnor is just along for the ride.

Why You Should Read This:

Given that the Shadowhunters TV series is relatively new, I’ve found the fanfiction somewhat slim pickings in terms of quality long fics. When I found this one, I about did a happy dance!

This is an extremely satisfying fic, featuring Alec as the primary character. It’s AU for season 2, for the most part.

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