You’re My Amen by Julibean19

Title: You’re My Amen
Author: Julibean19
Fandom: Check, Please!
Pairing(s): Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmerman
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Homophobia, Off-Screen Violence
Genres: First Time, Romance, Drama, Angst, Epic (100k-200k)
Word Count: 137,581

Summary: Jack meets the love of his life while serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter and struggling to learn the difference between sexuality and dysfunction. Along the way, he repairs some broken relationships and figures out how to let himself have nice things, one of which is a small southern baker with a habit of concealing the truth.

Why You Should Read This: There are a few good reasons to rec this, not the least of which is that this is a well-written fic, and feels like it could actually happen – even the bad parts. First of all, this is really well written and paints a picture that will have you shivering in the winter scenes, and snuggled up and comfy during the happy scenes. Second, not a lot of fics out there handle the discussion of the sexuality spectrum without coming across as a clinical classroom voice/sounding like a lecture. So to see Jack’s demisexuality discussed in a more natural way was refreshing.

Also, just the way this AU was constructed made it a pleasure to read. And while I was able to guess the big twist to the story, there was a further twist that even I didn’t see coming (and I can usually spot these a mile away).


  1. I adored that story and so glad you found it!

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