Wherever You Will Be (That’s Where I’ll Call Home) by gyzym

Title: Wherever You Will Be (That’s Where I’ll Call Home)
Author: gyzym
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, first time, domestic fic, canon, angst
Word Count: 74,829

Summary: People you kiss in an airport baggage claim and then don’t talk to for thirteen months shouldn’t be able to exist, let alone make your chest do the things Arthur’s chest is doing. There are rules.

Why You Should Read This:
This series is brilliant. A lot of truly exceptional fic in this fandom is AU, which is fantastic – but sometimes I want canon-based fic, and that can be difficult to come by. This fic is post-movie, beginning with the airport scene at the end of the movie. The focus isn’t so much on future jobs as it is Arthur and Eames’ relationship developing, trying to fit themselves together and settling in to this domestic life while still remaining true to the characters. This series has some angst, but a lot of it is hilarious, making this a mostly feel good series.

Keira Marcos

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  1. This was a fantastic read. Thank you so much for reccing it. I’ve only read a few things in this fandom.

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