Vancouver, British Columbia (2010) by sardonicsmiley

Title:  Vancouver, British Columbia (2010)
Author:  sardonicsmiley
Fandom:  Stargate:Atlantis but completely AU
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None, really
Genre:  Romance
Word Count: 6446


John is the top male figure skater in the world, Rodney is the captain of Canada’s hockey team. They run into each other at the winter Olympics.

Why You Should Read This:

It is so damned cute.  It is joyous.  This is a delightful little story, though honestly it is a type of AU I don’t usually like, where the characters are not really like their originals.  In this case, I’ll forgive sardonicsmiley for that because the story is so full of life and the crazy passions of people who have worked decades to be where they are.  So for the moment, forget the John and Rodney we all love and fall in love with this John and Rodney. Read it now and say with me:



  1. I read this story before, and after watching the skating I was going to look for it, so thank you! and your putzin comment – ditto.

  2. Love LOVE L O V E this story! It’s mystery to me how such a completely AU setting can still make the characters ring so true, but it does and they do.

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