Two Guys Walk Into a Bank by Brumeier

Title: Two Guys Walk Into a Bank
Author: brumeier
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating:  G
Warnings: Minor violence
Genre: AU, Romance
Word Count:  6,686 words


A regular trip to the bank takes a completely unexpected turn for Rodney, and yields benefits he never could have imagined.

Why You Should Read This:

More McShep! Another from this year’s (2014) SGA_Santa!

Of course Rodney can’t go to the bank without something… interesting happening.

Just as he walks into his bank, there’s – of course – a robbery. And John is – of course – the person behind Rodney is John. And – of course – they’re locked into the bank with the robbers.

But Brumeier has some fun twists for us before the kissing can happen. For a short-ish story, she packs in quite the interesting tale!

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  1. I *loved* this fic 😀

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