Tongues of Men and Angels by Mad Maudlin

Title:  Tongues of Men and Angels
Author:   mad_maudlin
Fandom:   Stargate Atlantis/SG-1
Pairing:  McKay/Sheppard
Rating:  R
Warnings:  SG-1 Themed AU, Violence
Word Count:  58k

Summary:   When SG-4 is ambushed offworld, an injured Major John Sheppard must put his trust in a Tok’ra agent named McKay to survive. But what secrets is McKay keeping about his mission, the planet, and his own motives for helping John?

Why You Should Read This:  If for no other reason than it is a great adventure story, it is also a wonderful look at the dual nature of Tok’ra. Sheppard and McKay are spot on character wise. The original characters are well rounded. The back stories that the author creates for both John and Rodney are easy to believe. It is all told from John’s POV with no deviation from that narrative, which I applaud because I have never been able to simply stay in one person’s head in anything longer than a couple thousand words.  There are also audio fics of this story in mp3 and ipod formats.

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