Things Never Go Well (Until They Do) by TheSeabear

Title: Things Never Go Well (Until They Do) Part 1 of Stavik series
Author: TheSeabear
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: Spock/Kirk
Genre: Adventure, Established Relationship, Little Vulcan, Adoption,
Word Count: 18,611
Warnings: abduction

Summary: Captain Kirk is abducted by slavers during a diplomatic, First Contact celebration. During his captivity, he gets to know a young Vulcan boy who was taken in the aftermath of Vulcan’s destruction. Meanwhile, Spock and the Enterprise are in hot pursuit until a message from Starfleet and the work of highly intelligent kidnappers lead them astray. Kirk will do anything to protect the boy. Spock will do anything to recover his bondmate.

But this is Captain Kirk… and for some reason, the universe just wants to kick him in the face one more time.

Why You Should Read It:

There is something about Kirk and Spock being space husbands that makes me gooey inside and this serie is complete candy. Kirk has been abducted for slavery and in his captivity he comes across a six year old Vulcan (mini Spock) and makes a friend so while Spock goes completely protective badass to get his bondmate back safe and sound.

The following stories are just as sweet. Enjoy you sugar rush!

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