The Winter Out There by EmilyWaters1976

Title: The Winter Out There
Author: EmilyWaters1976
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Word Count: 6,400 words
Genres: AU, Slave!fic, Angst
Dark fic, more warnings on the web site – read them if you’re easily squicked

Summary: At night, Harry dreams of bags of hair. Muggle plastic freezer bags, ziplocked, neatly labeled. Harry can’t see what the labels say, but the sight of the bags makes him nauseous. He opens his mouth to scream and realizes that he cannot. Then, he wakes.

Why You Should Read This: One of the entries in this year’s Snarry swap. If you’re a Snarry fan, this is a beautiful and haunting story. It feels much longer than the 6,400 words and packs a punch.

Harry is Severus’ slave. But there’s something more… for Harry dreams…

It’s short enough to tell you more will spoil it. Go. Read.

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  1. This was dark, heart wrenching and all right mildly twisted enough. I almost feel it needs a horror tag. Yet, it is wonderfully crafted and worth the read. Thanks for reccing.

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