The Truth is Rarely Pure by Mercury Phoenix

Title:  The Truth is Rarely Pure
Author: Mercury Phoenix
Fandom:  Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Inato
Rating:  Teen
Warnings:  Non consensual telepathic  examination
Genre:  Angst, Pre-slash
Word Count: 5,116


It is the night of blood and metal, and Jack is left alone in the Hub with a broken young Welshman. What happened in those hours we never see?

Why You Should Read This:

There has always been a  number of fan discussions about a pre- or post-Cyberwoman first time for Jack and Ianto, and even though I love Moving In, the preeminent pre-Cyberwoman first time fic, I believe that the affair between Jack and Ianto began after Lisa was finally dead.

This story is of the post-Cyberwoman variety, and as such counts as pre-slash (since the slash in this fandom is canon).  I have been reccing a number of fun, generally light-hearted pre-slash stories, but this is not one of them.  There is nothing light-hearted or light anything else about this story.  In fact, it is down right grim because no matter how much we might prefer to forget it, Annie was completely innocent and Ianto was responsible for the series of events that led to her death.  There is no way around that. This story explores the first interview between Ianto and Jack after Lisa (and Annie) are dead.

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