the sheer lack of professionalism by scioscribe

Title: the sheer lack of professionalism
Author: scioscribe
Fandom: James Bond, Skyfall
Relationship(s): James Bond/Q
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Word Count: 1,945

Summary: Q rolled his eyes. “Oh, there are just bloody wheels within wheels to it, aren’t there, this kidnapping business? Really, you should give it up. You’re not cut out for it. Think about it, your first time out, and you pinch a national intelligence treasure and ask his MI6 boyfriend for ransom. It isn’t very promising, is it?”

Why You Should Read This: Well if the summary didn’t get you. It’s just full of Q being stroppy with the men who kidnapped him and even stroppy when James when James rescues him. It makes me happy on the sad days.

One Comment:

  1. The snarky remark from Bond about Q’s wardrobe is beyond the pale.😂😂😂

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