The Republic of Heaven by blind_author

Title: The Republic of Heaven
Author: blind_author
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC ‘Verse) & His Dark Materials
Genre: Romance, First time, cross over, suspense
Warnings: violence
Rating: R
Word Count: 128,844

Summary: Another HDM fic, but I just couldn’t resist. Born to a witch and a human, people know Sherlock will be unusual from the start. John Watson, on the other hand, seems perfectly ordinary, except for his daemon…

Why You Should Read This: Easily one of the most engrossing and romantic stories in the Sherlock fandom. The use of the His Dark Materials Universe in this fic is awesome and very detailed compared to other crossovers I’ve seen where we normally only get the daemons blended into an established fandom. In this story, we have armored bears, witches, and a far-reaching prophecy that makes me want to beg for more. The story ends on a positive, lovely, and even hopeful note and doesn’t feel like WIP but I would love to see more!

Keira Marcos

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love this fandom and I utterly adore this story! Thank you for recommending it! WW. (I liked it, can you tell? Snicker.)

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