The Number of a Man by busaikko

Title:  The Number of a Man
Author:  busaikko
Fandom:   Stargate:Atlantis
Pairing:  John/Rodney
Rating:  Mature
Warnings:  Some serious medical issues are skimmed over
Genre:  Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship, kid!fic
Word Count: 16,563


Rodney McKay will leave no man behind—especially when there’s a simple solution involving nanites, alien technology, and Legos.


Why you should read this:

Because it is amazing how far the people of Atlantis will go for their chosen people. And if that means rescuing someone? Well, they will do that too.

This is sweet and lovely and very satisfying



  1. This was a cool one.

  2. This is such a wonderful fic!

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