The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue

Title: The Mirror of Maybe
Author: Midnight Blue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: Light R
Word Count: 50,000+ ?
Genres:  Angst, AU, Drama, Action/Adventure, WIP/Dead, Romance, Suspense
Warnings: none

Summary: After the boy known as Harry Potter encounters a strange mirror he emerges from the experience a changed man.

Why You Should Read This: Because it has a powerful and well trained Harry that’s eminently believable. The characterization of Severus Snape is the most realistic I’ve ever seen in a Snarry fic. In fact all of the characters feel spot on. Two words: Wizard’s Hopscotch.

What You Should Know Before Reading: This fic was written between 2002 and 2006 and is unfinished. The website it is hosted at was updated New Years Eve last year but no new content was added. It is in all likelihood a dead fic; but for what it’s worth it’s still an excellent read.


  1. I read this one a long time ago and loved it. But, like you said, it’s unfinished. Five years is a loooooong time to wait for an update. So, anyone who starts reading it now should be prepared for a lot of frustration over the way it just stops.

  2. This is one of the better written stories in the HP fandom. There is a Yahoo!Group dedicated to the series, though it’s been recently very quiet. I’d lost the link to this so thanks for the rec, it let me re-read a pretty good series.

  3. I just read this again last week 🙂 I’m still hoping Midnight Blue one day finishes it, because it was such a creative premise. Then again, I’m also still waiting for L.J. Smith’s last Nightworld book…which has now taken ~13 years.

    • Amen! I have been reading Mirror of Maybe since about 2002, and I read the original Nightworld series as it was released. Supposedly the last book of that series will now be a trilogy and will be really dark. But I have waited longer for a series than even 13 years and have waited on fanfiction longer than 6 years so I keep the faith. I would recommend this fic to anyone.

      • There was such a long time between books 4 & 5 of Jean M Auel’s “Earth’s Children” series that it was rumoured that she had *died*. Turned out she was hanging out with a mate on archeological digs in Europe gathering info for book 5.

        So, you know, there’s still hope for the end of the Nightworld series (man, need to reread those) and the continuation of Mirror of Maybe! Also, wow, has is *really* been *13* years since the last Nightworld book?

  4. It’s so worth reading! It was the first Snape/Harry fic I read and it still sticks in my mind as the benchmark for all Snarry fics. I’ve read it a couple dozen times, even though I know that it’s likely to never be updated, because it’s just SO good!

  5. I very very rarely disagree with a rec/comment in ‘public’, but I’d like to throw out strong caution against reading this piece of fic…

    It’s *phenominal*.

    It hooks you.

    Then it STOPS.

    I read this fic in 2005, and to this day, I check every month or so for updates.

    Seriously, there is no other fic that hooked me quite as badly and then just left me hanging.

    I know MB writes voluntarily and that she’s obligated to exactly no one when it comes to finishing/updating her works.

    That doesn’t mean that my resentment isn’t very very real that I DON’T GET TO READ ANY MORE OF THIS.


  6. It is a WONDERFUL story, but i agree. The way it stops just kinda slams you like a fist in the gut. I was there when Blue posted the first chapter, and I STILL check every month for updates. The yahoo site pretty much reads: *Poster* Is she gonna update? *Mod* She’s working on it. and has for several years. Its still a wonderful and spot on read. Snape is viscous and snarky, and you can see Harry the way he WOULD grow up if given the chance. Even Ron and Hermione are well done. I recommend it, but be prepared for the WIP status.

  7. I just started reading it a week ago and finished it today. I am sad its unfinished. If you read this Blue…please please please update

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