The Gardens of Wayne Manor By Mithen

Title: The Gardens of Wayne Manor by Mithen
Author: Mithen
Fandom: DCU
Genre: AU, Drama
Rating: Ten and up

The Gardens of Wayne Manor is an AU based on a plot bunny by stranj100, in which Clark Kent’s life goes in an unexpected direction at an early age and ends up entangled with Bruce Wayne’s. The Clark of this AU is based a lot on the current comic canon, in which (as in the animated series) Clark isn’t told he’s not human until his teens. The Bruce of this AU is largely comics canon as well, based a great deal on Denny O’Neil’s Bronze Age origin story “The Man Who Falls.”

Why you should read this:
This is a great way for people who are new to the pairing tohop in. It gives you insites not only into two men who seam at times to be complete polar opposites, and yet still shows you the common bond that they share. The story goes though five parts of the lives of these two starting from ages 7 and 8. It’s a great what if Bruce and Clark had met as boys. If I tell you to much more I’d be giving out spoilers. Mithen is one of the best Bruce/Clark writers out on the web for a reason her handle on the voices of Bruce and Clark is as if she’s known them most her life and has coffee with them often.

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