The Bridges Universe by Miriel

Title: The Bridges Universe (on Wayback Machine)
Author: Miriel
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate:SG1
Summary: From the author:This series began as a “What If?” response to the third season episode The Return Part 1, which ends in a cliff-hanger. What if General O’Neill hadn’t been able to negate the standing orders? How far would they go to protect their city?
Genres: AU, Future Fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Deaths of canon characters, Het sexual encounters, some MPreg, and whacky & wild situations, abandonment by Earth.

Why You Should Read This:

What if the Daedalus didn’t agree to come down and examine the rescue party? What if the orders to nuke Atlantis stood & no one but you was trying to stop them? How far would you go to save your home? And who would you bring along with you?

If all of that, what happens to those left behind? Do they give up hope? Or do they strive to support themselves and make the best of it?

This covers a lot of ground. It was what got me into my world building and I loved it. Miriel was very patient with me and eventually talked me into getting my own LJ. Now I can build some of my own worlds. It is still a blast.



  1. The links for this author lead to a domain not found message. Does anyone have a working link to this authors stories?

  2. Hello! Found the Bridges series on Ao3 if you want an additional link.

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