Tempus Fugit Praeterhãc by Quill Lumos

Title: Tempus Fugit Praeterhãc
Author: Quill Lumos
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Word Count: 95,000 words
Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, First Time, Angst
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations

Summary: Based on the amusing idea on the US cover of Deathly Hallows. Harry’s Horcrux hunt leads him to Rome. However, he hadn’t expected the sudden trip back through time thanks to a booby-trapped Diadem, Neither had Severus Snape, who gets dragged into the backlash of the spell. Now they’re both stuck in the past, what are they going to do? Together they struggle to earn a living and have to learn to survive, whilst continuing to search for a way home.

Why You Should Read This: “Amusing” is the word used by the author but the story is well done. The setup is based on Severus working with the Golden Trio on a horcrux hunt. Disaster happens, of course, and only Harry and Severus are sent back in time.

Harry is dependent on Severus’ knowledge of Latin as the lingua franca, a situation Severus takes advantage of at first. Being resourceful, they stumble upon some friendly Romans and end up settling in for a long haul. Close quarters and being dependent upon each other, Severus and Harry learn to work together and to eventually trust and then love.

Quill Lumos wrote an enchanting first time fic that you’ll be sorry to see the end of. It’s touching and happy and slightly sad at times.

The ending is something of a twist… I won’t spoil it for you!

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