Sunrise Avenue by krisherdown

Title: Sunrise Avenue
Author: krisherdown
Fandom: Original Fiction
Pairing: OMC/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 72,400 words
Genres: Romance, Humour, First Time
Warnings: Mentions child abuse, brief violence

Sometimes it’s easier to let work take over so you don’t have to deal with what’s really important.

Why You Should Read This:
This one is lovely. I found it some years ago and come back to it often as I really enjoy reading it. Jared is gay, but doesn’t show it, mostly ’cause his father is a prick. Wick is straight… well he thinks he is until he meets Jared, and then he has to reconsider. It doesn’t come easy to either of them, and they both have demons holding them back.

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