Stardust by Kikkimax

Title:   Stardust
Author: Kikkimax
Fandoms: Stargate SG1 and NCIS
Pairing: Daniel/Tony, strongly hints at Tony/Gibbs and Daniel/Jack
Rating:  PG13
Genre: Crossover, Action Adventure, Drama, Pre-Slash

Summary: A man with no memory holds the key to three bizarre deaths.

Why You Should Read This: If you like crossovers, UST, conspiracies, car chases, and novella-length fanfics, then I guarantee you’ll enjoy “Stardust”. The plot is slowly teased out and, as a big fan of well-done crossovers, I really appreciate the fact that nobody rushed to explain all the big classified secrets.

One Comment:

  1. This was great to read, curled up on my sofa when it was chucking it down outside. Completely enjoyable. Hxx

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