Somewhere Back of the Sun by enigmaticblue

Title: Somewhere Back of the Sun

The entire series is also onArchive of Our Own : Sun’Verse

Author: enigmaticblue

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Genre: Apocofic, Romance, Angst, kidfic, family drama

Rating: R

Word Count:  70k

Summary: By the time Dean stops Lucifer, it’s already too late. A post-apocalyptic tale.

Why You Should Read This: I just found this gem of a story a few days ago and was entranced by it. This story is set in early season 5 when Dean, Sam and Castiel are frantically searching for a way to kill the devil. As the world begins to fall into chaos around them, the team finds themselves at odds when Sam thinks he had found a lead on the Colt pistol, and Dean receives a frantic call from his one time lover Lisa begging for his help. The choices they make in that moment change their lives drastically. Castiel ever loyal to Dean had made his choice long ago and together the two of them find that winning the war doesn’t come without cost, but the price, while high might have been worth it for the life they now share. The characterization is spot on for all the characters. Castiel’s patience as he waits for Dean to get that he really is loved and wanted is lovely.


  1. This is a great story, the first of 12+. If you go to Sun’verse at Archive of Our Own, you can read all of them. Wonderful author!

    Great Rec!!

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