Skyfall Lodge by BootsnBlossoms and Kryptaria

TitleSkyfall Lodge
Author: BootsnBlossoms and Kryptaria
Fandom: Skyfall (James Bond)
Pairing: past Bond/AlecBond/Q, Bond/Q/Alec
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 55,882
Genres: First Time, Drama, Romance, AU, BDSM, Angst
Warnings: Hard BDSM in later chapters

Summary: After Silva’s escape from MI6 custody, Alec Trevelyan drags MI6’s new, brilliant Quartermaster to the safest place he knows: Skyfall Lodge, home of reclusive ex-soldier, James Bond.

Grudgingly, Q accepts the technological isolation as necessary for his own safety, and he begins to regard Bond as a possible diversion to pass the time until Silva is eliminated and it’s safe for Q to return to London. He never expects Bond to become so much more.

Why You Should Read ThisIt’s brilliantly and emotionally written. Three lonely men figure out that where they need to be is with each other. Though most of the fic revolves around Bond and Q; Alec, while mostly absent plays a significant emotional role. The BDSM though pretty hard core is very well written and very hot. It’s a slow build a first but it has a very satisfying ending.


  1. I would honestly recommend anything written by either of these two. I think Ordinary Workplace Numbers might have been recced before, but this is one of my favourites, along with their series “Refraction”. I think what I liked most was that none of it felt forced, it was natural and slow but very fulfilling.

  2. I enjoyed the dynamic of Q and Bond in this fic plus rural Q is quite funny to read!

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