Signals in Courtship by melonbutterfly

Title: Signals in Courtship
Author: melonbutterfly
Fandom: Marvel, Avengers
Pairing(s): Tony/Loki
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Courtship, drama, first time together, baked goods

Word Count: 23,652

Summary: Tony is nonplussed at first when he starts to receive gifts from Loki that Thor informs him are courtship gifts, but he soon starts to return the interest. How could he not when nobody has ever gone to such effort to show their interest in him before, especially someone as fascinating as Loki?

Why You Should Read This: This is an interesting courtship fic.  This is the first Tony/Loki I’ve ever read, to be honest, I wasn’t sure i would enjoy reading about this pairing.  I gave the fic a chance and really like how this flows.  Also flower language is used here.  I’m not sure if its accurate or not, but, the meanings given in the fic are interesting.

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