Shallow Waters by yzba

Title: Shallow Waters
Author: yzba
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mention of mutilation and other serial killer nastiness, mention of but no depiction of rape
Genre: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure, Crossover
Word Count: 29,971

Summary: Tired of the status quo, Gibbs and Tony make a change just as an old case goes active again, bringing them to Los Angeles and back to the beginning. Crossover with NCIS LA.

Why You Should Read This: First, I know from lots of NCIS fan fiction that few like the “frat boy” crap that TPTB played so hard, especially seasons 2-5.  For me, the episodes when Tony is trying to figure out what is going on with Ziva and Rifkin, was when I decided that maybe I would keep watching the show after all. We saw a different DiNozzo and most of us liked him a hell of a lot better.  So the frat boy was a cover, a mask.  The reasons for said mask and the removal of it have been standard fare in NICS fan fiction since forever.

This story is one of those.  Gibbs and Tony suddenly realize that they have been working together for nearly 10 years, ignoring their mutual attraction. Tony decides he is tired of Gibbs treating him like he really is that frat boy.  At the same time, Gibbs realizes that a) he has really fucked things up and has been doing it for years now; and b) he’s tired of waiting for that moment when they can acknowledge what they both want. Unfortunately, just as they get down to serious work on their relationship, an old case rears it’s very ugly head, sending them to LA.

This was a very nice story, well-written and thoughtful.

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