Semaphore by DevilDoll

Title: Semaphore
Author: DevilDoll
Fandom: Avengers 2012 Movie
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, with prior het and slash pairings
Summary: “This technically isn’t a thing two straight guys would do, Tony thinks, but he’s too drunk and miserable to care. Plus, he’s only about 92% straight anyway. Steve, on the other hand, is probably 150% straight, minimum, so together they add up to almost two and a half straight guys. When you look at it like that, this is practically the least gay thing Tony’s ever done.”
Word Count: ~40K
Warnings: Author warns for jokes about suicide: ” of the “Oh my God, if that thing doesn’t stop beeping I’m going to kill myself with my stapler” variety.”

Why You Should Read It:
(1) Because this story provides a long, winding and believable path from a 92% straight Tony Stark who is happily and faithfully with Pepper Potts to a Tony Stark who is considerably less than 92% straight and ass over teakettle in love with Steve Rogers.
(2) Most effective use of a senior citizen in a piece of slash fiction I have ever seen.
(3) Add the phrase “hysterically funny” to all of the adjective lists up there and while they will be too long, they will be much more accurate.
(4) Thor as an event planner in the most awesome frat house ever is alone worth the read.
(5) There is a chocolate chip cookie recipe at the end that includes flashbangs as an ingredient.

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