Seduction By Aviation series by Flawedamythest

TitleSeduction by Aviation
Author: flawedamythest
Fandom: Avengers and Cabin Pressure
Pairing(s): Tony Stark/ Martin Crieff
Rating: PG-13
Genre:  Romance, Humor, Cross Over, First Time
Word Count:  60,000+ so far for the entire series

“Oh,” said Martin in a tone of voice that usually signalled the sighting of some obscure vintage aeroplane. “You’re Tony Stark.”

Why You Should Read This:

First off, if you don’t know Cabin Pressure, you should check it out. It’s charming and really funny.  I recently discovered it and it’s a lot of fun.

I enjoy cross overs and rare or unusual pairings. This series had my name all over it. I have to admit when I first saw the cross over and pairing for this series I wondered how it could possibly work. The truth is it does work and extremely well. Each story is complete but the series as a whole is a wip. It was updated recently.

Tony and Martin are both aviation nerds and they click immediately. Tony understands Martin in a way no one ever has before. Their relationship is sweet and believable. The overall plot is really entertaining.  The author does a great job of blending the two universes together, This is a light and funny series and there is plenty here for fans of both fandoms to enjoy.

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