Safe Verse by truelyesotric

Title:   Safe ‘Verse
Author:   truelyesoteric
Fandom:   Teen Wolf
Pairing:   Derek/Stiles, other pairings
Rating:  NC17
Warnings: Fluff, Kids, Canon type violence
Genre:  Romance, supernatural
Word Count:  75357 for the series


This is in response to the fact that I like kid fic. They’re my comfort food.

Derek has a kid. There is pack drama.

But mostly this is Stiles and Lydia being awesome with Derek’s son, as Stiles figures out what is going on with him and Derek.

Why You Should Read This:

While the pairing is Derek/Stiles, this really is a series of fic about Stiles and Lydia being truly awesome.

The first fic in the story starts after Stiles has left Beacon Hills to attend college and Derek is ‘handfasted’ to a female werewolf from another pack as part of an alliance. Loneliness stalks Derek and, wham, there’s a baby that the mother does not want but Derek wants desperately. The alliance falls apart and now there’s big trouble.

Stiles knows nothing of this until Derek shows up, says “you’re the only person I trust to protect my kid, here take him” and leaves Stiles in a dorm room with a small kid. Of course, Stiles calls Lydia for advice and adventures happen from there.

There are happy endings, scary non-graphic torture parts, more kids, other wolf weddings and general chaos and mayhem.

The last piece is particularly satisfying as even Lydia gets her own happy ending. It’s also supposed to be the last piece in this universe, which is the saddest part of the entire story.

If you like kids and family and our favorite wolves figuring out how to be adults, this is the fic for you!

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