Rainbow Warrior

Title: Rainbow Warrior
Author: Lady Grey
Fandom: Stargate
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Genre: Romance, Angst, First Time, AU
Rating: NC-17
Length: long

Summary: In response to a direct order from the President, the military finally takes steps to correct its discriminatory attitude toward gay and lesbian soldiers. Following this groundbreaking event, Jack O’Neill comes out to his team, losing the support of one of them. Daniel decides to help his friend truly come to terms with his newly recognized orientation, and gets far more than he ever expected

Why You Should Read This: Interesting story about Jack and what he been through.Realising he was gay at a young age and then knowing in order to do what he wanted to in life that he could never be himself. Once he can ,coming out only to help others. Daniel is rather oblivious but gets there in the end. Bonus apperince by mini Jack.

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