Play It Again by metisket

TitlePlay It Again
Author: metisket
Fandom: TeanWolf
Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Genre: Alternate Universe, Magic, First Time
Word Count: 63, 206

In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)

Why You Should Read This:

I really enjoy Teen Wolf AU stories where the Hales are alive. I also love Magical!Stiles stories.  Play it Again is one of my favorite stories in both of these genres. The world building is very well done and the plot is gripping.

Stiles is thrown into a world that isn’t his own and he really struggles with the differences and what he should do next. His desire to go home is palpable but he quickly finds that he really likes his new world.  I really sympathized with his situation.

The descriptions of Derek and his family are wonderful. The reader gets to know and love the Hales and some of the story’s funniest moments involve them. The reader also gets to see how different Derek would be if his family had survived.  I could not stop reading this story.

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  1. If you’re into fullmetal alchemist, she has some AMAZING fma stories too.

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