Panty Verse by elizajane

Title: Panty Verse
Author: elizajane
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Dean Winchester/Castiel, Dean Winchester/FC (Rhonda Hurley)
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Romance, Established Relationship, Episode Related
Word Count: ~17,000


You’re twenty-nine. He reminds himself. And Dad’s not here to shout or throw things or give you the fucking silent treatment. And the only other people in the hotel room are his boyfriend-the-fallen-angel and his brother the gayest straight boy that ever lived.

Why You Should Read This:

Like the author says: I persist in thinking of this as “the Panty ‘Verse” even though the panties in question aren’t really the point. Because even when I try to write fluffy knickers porn it becomes a fic about the universe instead. This is incredible insight into that one throwaway line about Dean liking those panties that Rhonda Hurley made him wear. I really liked the character that the author developed, overall, this felt like such a beautiful love note from Castiel to Dean. Everyone who enjoys this pairing should really read this pair of fics.

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