One Miracle at a Time by dreamlittleyo

Title: One Miracle at a Time
Author: dreamlittleyo
Fandom: Tron: Legacy
Pairing: Sam Flynn/Tron
Word Count: 40k
Genre: First Time, Romance, Drama, Action/Adventure
Rating: NC-17 (explicit)


Sam doesn’t find what he’s looking for when he returns to the Grid. But he does find something he needs.

Why You Should Read This:  You need to have watched the movie for this to make sense but it’s so worth it. I love this fic so much. They are both very much in character and the romance emerges really naturally – also the sex is freaking hot.

“The code is a mess. Fragmented subroutines, glitches, corrupted data… He can barely make out the infrastructure his father was trying to build.

But the framework is there. His father’s code, his vision, wrapped up in even the disrupted information scrolling before Sam’s eyes. The Grid is still in there somewhere—he can almost see it. The question comes down to the extent of the damage, and whether Sam is capable of reconstructing the scrambled, outdated code.

It might take a miracle, but he’s determined to try.”

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