No Rest for the Wingless by Only_1_Truth

TitleNo Rest for the Wingless
Author:  Only_1_Truth
Fandom: Skyfall
Pairing(s): James/Q
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, Injury and Torture, Mind Control, Ignores Movie Timeline
Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Romance, First Time, Somewhat Dark, Wing!fic
Word Count: 193, 503


The top agents in MI6 are Angels – there’s nothing angelic about them, but they sure are dangerous. And not always good with taking orders from bespectacled, stringy Quartermasters.
MI6 has decided that a new strategy is needed to ensure the success of their missions, and for that, they hired Q: with his genius mind and [mostly] cool head, it became his job to coordinated the 00-missions.
Now the double-o’s have a voice in their ear telling them what to do, where to go on missions.
Do the double-o’s take well to this?
No. And the worst ones are 006, 7, and 8…

In which Q’s got a spine and is willing to beat double-o’s over the head with it.

Why You Should Read This:

Because James Bond and the other double-o’s have wings!

In case that isn’t enough, this is a tightly plotted and intense read.  In the beginning of the story there is a lot of tension between the characters. James is kind of a jerk but as he gets to know his new Quartermaster and respect him things change between them. The agents and especially Bond become very protective and possessive of Q. I really liked that Q has a lot of strength in this story. He doesn’t let 007 push him around.  There are plenty of twists and turns and some interesting original characters.

N.B. The torture isn’t extremely graphic but it is described and there are several instances of mind control which could be triggery for some.

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