Named by McLachland

Title: Named
Author: McLachland
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Genre: Romance, angst, drama, first time, action/adventure
Rating: R
Word Count: 95,000
Warnings: Blasphemy.

Summary: Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn’t the worst part of Dean’s week.

Why You Should Read This:
This was the first Supernatural fic I ever read. I had no interest in the fandom before, but this fic left me craving more. Amazing crafted, wonderfully characterized, with a plot twist that I never saw coming – this fic is fantastic. There are no words for how amazing I find this fic – the human language is limiting, in this case. To give any details would give too much away – but I laughed, I cried, I felt anxious and I celebrated. This is one of my top 5 favorite fics ever.

Keira Marcos

Life is short -- read as much as you can.


  1. Wow this is just eating my life… I was an hour and a half late to work this morning because I slept in after staying up too late reading this.

    So worth it! 😉

    • :O I hope you didn’t get into too much trouble!

      I dedicated an entire night to this fic, without stopping to read SGA fic (unusual for me), because it was just *that* good.

      I am so, so glad you’re enjoying it though 🙂

      • Nah, not too much trouble. I have a sleeping disorder that acts up every so often, I just blamed it on that and the boss laughed and told be to get to work. Haha.

        And just finished… HOLY SHIT! Did not see that happening… totally have it already saved in pdf format and backed up, that is how much I just loved that entire fic. Thank you SO MUCH for this rec, I can not believe I’ve never come across it before, I was obviously missing out.

        • I’m glad you didn’t get in trouble 😀 And you had a handy reason for being late 😉

          I didn’t see that twist coming either! I remember when I realized I got lightheaded with shock XD Besides Indelible, it was one of the first fics to go on my Kindle. fja;s I’m so very happy you liked it so much! You’re very welcome for the rec, thank *you* for giving my rec a try~

          • No problem. I give most that come through a try. I’m a bit of a fanfiction slut, and have been going strong for 9 odd years now. There aren’t many fandoms I haven’t or won’t stick my fingers into at some point!
            And really, yours was such a good rec, how could I resist! 😉

          • It’s fantastic that you give most that come through a try. I have a few rules about what I’m willing to read, so that does limit me somewhat. It’s amazing you have such a wide variety of fandoms you’ve given a try/are willing to try out, though!

            sa;kf;a I’m so happy to read that, because I’m not at all eloquent, so it’s difficult for me to get across just WHY someone should read the fic XD

          • It’s alright, I have the same problem. I am NOT a writer of any kind, but I love to read. So I find myself putting in blurb’s that all sound the same in an effort to get my reasons across. I try and make every little review sound different, but it doesn’t always happen. Haha, a lot of my rec’s obviously have the same things going for them. 😉

            I have certain rules as well, but not many and I’m pretty flexible. I’ll try and read most things once, and if I don’t like it I might try it again later, but not always. I personally don’t really go for the fic’s that have angst like WHOA, because I read fanfic to be happy, not to bloody cry. So I’ll read a really sad fic once, but only once. And seriously, when I try most things, I really do. I’ve been reading Stargate:Atlantis fic for like 3-4 years now? I’ve never watched an episode. I know more about the canon and fandom then most people that own the series and have watched it over and over again. Same with The Sentinal and a couple others. I read Inception, never seen it.

          • I’m not really much of a writer, either – I’m very ‘average’ – but i try anyway 🙂 Rarely post, but I try. Haha, that’s the problem I’m running into – all my reviews sound alike so far 😛 Nothing wrong with having the same things going for each fic you write – everyone has a trope or whatever that they really like.

            I don’t like reading about my OTP with other people – there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, I’m reading that fic because I want to read about Dean and Cas, or John and Rodney, or so on. OH. I am the same way about angst – there’s such a thing as too much, IMO. Fics with heavy angst mean I have to prepare myself to read them, and most of the time I just don’t want to put that effort in. WOW. I am seriously impressed you read for fandoms you haven’t seen the source material for! I read 1 fic before I actually watched Stargate: Atlantis, and I liked it – but mostly I was just confused. I have great respect for your ability XD

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