Meet the Family by Draycevixen

Title:  Meet the Family  (link to fics in the series)
Author: Draycevixen
Fandom: Person of Interest, Sherlock Holmes (BBC)
Pairing: John/Sherlock, Reese/Finch
Rating:  G
Warnings: Crack-ish?
Genre: first time,
Word Count: 5,625

Summary: This is actually a series of vignettes made up of “An Englishman in Coney Island”, “Aunt Violet. In the Library. With a Mobile Phone” and “Two Johns, Three Geniuses and One Angry Mother”. But it’s better as a whole than as any one part…

Why You Should Read This:

I think Draycevixen was smoking something and didn’t share, but at least we got this fic out of it.

Not only is she crossing POI and SH, she has Sherlock and Finch as cousins. Aunt Violet is actually Finch’s Aunt as well as Mycroft and Sherlock’s mother. And a feisty, proper English aunt at that – one who messes with US presidential primaries as a hobby. And each John taking good care of his own genius.

The first two parts are set vaguely after the start of POI, the last part is specifically set at the beginning of POI season 2… it postulates one outcome for the season 1 cliff-hanger.                                                                    

But it’s charming and funny and the characters are spot-on.

One Comment:

  1. Hello!

    A mate told me about this so I had to come and take a look. Thanks for the lovely rec.

    I wasn’t actually smoking anything, promise, I just have a different bad habit that of inviting my mates to challenge me with odd cracky prompts and then trying to work out how to make them as… well, as normal/believable as possible.

    In this case my lovely mate Togsos challenged me with “Mycroft Holmes, Harold Finch and Otter spotting”… yeah, this was my attempt to make sense out of it..

    Believe me, this is not even close to the oddest cracky prompt I’ve ever received… Life on Mars/Scooby Doo anyone?

    Again, thank you.

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